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Uncover your uniqueness!

If I were the Prime Minister of India……..

At School, during 6th Std, our English teacher asked us to write an essay that starts with that sentence.

While I don’t remember the exact things I wrote, I remember it as a love letter.

I am sure you can assume what would have gone into it.

Such things that happen early in our life shape our thoughts, dreams & everything that is yet to come. Right or Wrong?

I have carried that passion into business & life in general. All the good things started attracting me. I got sucked into it.

Passion. Fire in the belly!

When I was in recruitment business, I enjoyed dealing with people. My team & I looked out for at least one star in each candidate we worked with. And projected that to the clients. By star, I mean, some unique qualities, strengths or capabilities. It takes effort to find that. That’s exactly why we were paid high fees.

All of us have something unique in ourselves. What’s that?

Have you ever thought about this?

One thing you possess that no one else does.

You can’t hire someone else to do your push-ups for you.

So, you have to uncover your uniqueness yourself.

Take Away:

  1. Who are you really
  2. What motivates you
  3. What inspires you
  4. What are you so passionate about
  5. What comes naturally to you
  6. What are you good at
  7. What do people like in you
  8. What gives you peace
  9. What gets you fired up
  10. What gives you that adrenaline rush

Start uncovering your uniqueness!

Happy Selling!!

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Einstein asked for a bigger Dustbin!

That was a time when he was deported out of Germany and got asylum in the US.

He was taken to a new research centre allocated to him in Princeton.

They asked him if he liked the research centre. Is there any facility that is missing, they asked. He told them that the dust bin kept there is too small and he needs a bigger one.

Why, they asked.

“I am not an expert to do all the research 100% right, the first time itself. I will make mistakes. Hence, the need for a bigger bin.”, he told them.

Making mistakes is the first step to success.

But psychologically, that puts lot of pressure on us and we tend not to do anything so that we can avoid making mistakes. How smart, right? No.

Every single thing we do in day to day life goes through a learning process. We don’t know how to flash a smart card in the local metro, the first time we travel. But eventually, we get it right.

Life does not come with user manual. We learn by trial and error.

Fortunately, when it comes to Business or Sales, there are some specific methodologies, tried and tested ones. But that does not guarantee success.

Making mistakes is common. What is uncommon is taking up a work knowing fully well that we will make mistakes initially. And persevering until getting it right.

Having the determination to get it right, come what may, will lead us to Success.

Happy Succeeding!

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What inspires me?

Bold ideas, empowering people, democratising the opportunities for everyone, having no biases, making everyone achieve are some of the things that inspire me. Working against odds gives me the adrenaline rush and pumps blood into my nerves. What seems impossible suddenly becomes possible. When someone says “you can’t do it”, I am inspired. That’s when I actually start my work. 🙂

Inspiration is everywhere. We just have to look around. And keep our eyes and ears open.

Inspiration is what drives us. That’s what make us reach our goals.

Now, what do we do to set the rhythm, get inspired and start achieving our goals one by one. The following will help us stay on track and keep our focus. But we can and should improvise on this.

  1. Keeping good company. Our friends, network, professional contacts make us what we are and what we will be.
  2. Constant thinking of goals.
  3. Checking progress everyday.
  4. Writing down our goals.
  5. Breaking them into achievable tasks.
  6. Completing the tasks one by one.
  7. Visualising the results.
  8. Keeping ourselves extremely busy and tight scheduled.
  9. Keeping confidential info confidential.
  10. Having a positive outlook on everything.
  11. Not wasting a second of our time.
  12. Getting out of comfort zone.

Stay inspired!

Happy Selling!!

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Thoughts to keep up your momentum in the new year!

  1. Start always small howsoever big the dream is.
  2. Always be helpful to your customers.
  3. Start your day early, as early as 5 am every single working day.
  4. Take up Projects but complete all those you take.
  5. Under commit. Over deliver.
  6. Always surprise your customers. Always.
  7. Have your own style in every single thing you do. Do not copy or imitate.
  8. Work on your weaknesses and make them your biggest strengths.
  9. Do Prospecting. Every single day of the year.
  10. Opportunities are everywhere. Look deep and spot them.
  11. Dress up well.
  12. Don’t use any cheap stuff. Never ever.
  13. Perspectives matter in Sales. Build up your brand.
  14. Always be active, eat good food, stay healthy, be happy, be energetic.
  15. Ask your existing customers for referrals.
  16. Try something new.
  17. Rewrite rules.
  18. Be the first to use latest technology.
  19. Be a trend setter.
  20. Stay away from any kind of distraction.
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Never Give up and other Tips!

  1. Never Give up. That’s what differentiates an achiever.
  2. Keep Prospecting. You need new customers.
  3. Regularly meet your existing customers. You need them more than they need you.
  4. Keep solving problems. One at a time.
  5. First, pretend being busy then actually get busy.
  6. Get recharged when your batteries are down.
  7. Eat good food. Take sufficient rest. Unplug and Restart.
  8. Read good books. Make it a habit.
  9. Keep a journal. Visit the past week and plan your next week. Time Management is crucial for success. You don’t have “forever” to achieve what you want to.
  10. Write down your goals somewhere and visit it often to see if you are on track.

Happy Selling !!

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How to develop a sense of urgency and achieve more in less time

Your prospects are not in a great hurry. At least not most of them. They seem to be quite happy with the Status Quo. But don’t you know that enthusiasm is contagious. And if you pack energy and sense of urgency into your action, they are bound to match your speed and energy. So, let us understand how to achieve more in less time by developing a sense of urgency.

“You can’t move mountains by whispering at them” – Pink
  1. Set your sights really very high. Don’t worry about how you will achieve them.
  2. Break that vision into smaller achievable goals.
  3. Break that further into smaller activities or tasks.
  4. Have energy. If not, get your dumbbells and go for 3 sets of shorter reps 8 – 10 each. Or hit the floor and go for 3 sets of 5 push ups each and start pumping up iron. Get those muscles.
  5. Add passion and sense of urgency. Act as if you have fifteen meetings in a day. While you have to submit five proposals. And go for two negotiations. That is your normal day.
  6. There are three types of people in this world – one, those who take things as it comes and are happy with it; two, those who take things as it comes and are frustrated with it and then there are Sales people, the rarest of rare breed, those who make things happen. With or without the “Sales” title.
  7. While you have created the sense of urgency, do not over react or walk all over others or ill treat them.
  8. Instead treat everyone with respect, courtesy and kindness.
  9. Remove the obstacles. Do not spend time on investigating who had put the road blocks. Just keep moving.
  10. Don’t accept mediocrity in anything.
  11. Pack Energy and Enthusiasm into everything you do.
  12. Wear a smile on your face. Even while you speak on the phone. It sounds nice and the receiver on the other end knows that you are speaking with a smile on your face.
  13. Focus on results.
  14. Be disciplined.
  15. Have the courage to walk the untrodden path.
  16. Imbibe the qualities of a leader.
  17. Break all the rules. And Set your own rules.
  18. Create something every day.
  19. Don’t worry about the tough times. They are there to bring out the best in you.
  20. You were not born to be complacent and hence always be doing many activities and setting up new activities. Keep yourself busy and engaged.

Happy Selling !!