Successful People…..

Some people are successful while others aren’t. When we look at successful people, we understand that they look at things differently. And that makes all the difference. If we change our perspectives then we can be successful too. Wishing you Success in all your endeavours! Happy Learning!Happy Succeeding! #Successfulpeople #gogetters #inspiration #kkrocks


Breathe in. Breathe out. Do it mindfully. Slowly. Your day is now going to be remarkable. Doing anything mindfully is nothing but #meditation. Experts say that the #highperformers meditate for at least 10 minutes everyday. That was a dense forest. The leader wanted a successor. He held competitions. Two men emerged. Both were equals. If… Continue reading Meditate!

Optimism can win business!!

Little bit of negativity is enough to spoil. Imagine two glasses, half-full, one with water & another with coffee. Take one spoon of water & mix it into coffee. You don’t see any difference. Keep mixing spoons of water into coffee. At one point, you will see that the coffee has become transparent. Now, do… Continue reading Optimism can win business!!

My initial days in business!

Those were the days I didn’t know where to start. I had started my consulting business and I was struggling to get clients. I was into pure play IT Consulting. Also, I had partnered with two software product companies then. It wasn’t easy. That was the time, I was asked by some customers if I… Continue reading My initial days in business!

Freedom from Fear!

If we think deeply on what’s stopping us from realizing our goals, it is nothing but FEAR. Fear stops us from realizing our true potential. But fear can be good as well. It can help us address problems early and solve them. Sometimes even before we encounter them. But solving problems before we encounter is… Continue reading Freedom from Fear!

What helped me win deals & what didn’t?

It has been a roller coaster ride for me in the school of entrepreneurship. Once you become an entrepreneur, nobody tells you what to do and what not to do. You are the boss. And the buck stops at your table. Well, choosing to have a mentor is definitely a good option. Even if you… Continue reading What helped me win deals & what didn’t?

What inspires me?

Bold ideas, empowering people, democratising the opportunities for everyone, having no biases, making everyone achieve are some of the things that inspire me. Working against odds gives me the adrenaline rush and pumps blood into my nerves. What seems impossible suddenly becomes possible. When someone says “you can’t do it”, I am inspired. That’s when… Continue reading What inspires me?