The strategy used by a competitor….

My competitor sold more than I did. Do you know why? In the initial days of my sales career, I sold antivirus software. For a year, we had product specialization at our company. I specialized on AV. [That was not my choice but my manager’s.] The whole market was mine to take. No account restrictions.… Continue reading The strategy used by a competitor….

Perspective in Sales!

#Perspective roughly means “a feeling or opinion about something or someone” according to the dictionary. In other words, it’s a viewpoint or standpoint. It has something to do with a person’s cultural background, age, qualification, experience etc. Now, what is perspective in #sales? It is the seller’s point of view. According to a 2018 #CSO… Continue reading Perspective in Sales!

Developing a customer’s mind-set!

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. I started my career selling Publishing Software & High Resolution Laser Printers before moving into Enterprise Software. Working with Printers & Publishers & also coming from a Mech Engg background, I quickly developed an eye for precision in printing. The first line in this post is… Continue reading Developing a customer’s mind-set!

Problem Solving

Problem solving is a mindset. Of-course it’s a skill too. How we approach a problem when we set out to solve it, matters. All problems have a solution. All Solutions have a problem too. What problems are you solving today? #problemsolving