Problem-solving can lead to an idea!

Problem-solving can actually lead us to something bigger. That could help us come up with a great business idea! Problem-solving can potentially become a genesis for something brilliant! What problems are you facing right now? I read in a blog post by Paul Graham that Steve Wozniak wanted a computer and Apple was born. Google … Read more

Entrepreneurship & value creation!

Entrepreneurship & value creation are two things that help you live your life to the fullest. It is nothing but pure magic. If you deliver value and if some people are willing to pay for it, your happiness knows no bounds. Not because you are making money. But because it is being valued. Wealth creation … Read more

The strategy used by a competitor….

My competitor sold more than I did. Do you know why? In the initial days of my sales career, I sold antivirus software. For a year, we had product specialization at our company. I specialized on AV. [That was not my choice but my manager’s.] The whole market was mine to take. No account restrictions. … Read more

Perspective in Sales!

#Perspective roughly means “a feeling or opinion about something or someone” according to the dictionary. In other words, it’s a viewpoint or standpoint. It has something to do with a person’s cultural background, age, qualification, experience etc. Now, what is perspective in #sales? It is the seller’s point of view. According to a 2018 #CSO … Read more

Developing a customer’s mind-set!

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. I started my career selling Publishing Software & High Resolution Laser Printers before moving into Enterprise Software. Working with Printers & Publishers & also coming from a Mech Engg background, I quickly developed an eye for precision in printing. The first line in this post is … Read more

Problem Solving

Problem solving is a mindset. Of-course it’s a skill too. How we approach a problem when we set out to solve it, matters. All problems have a solution. All Solutions have a problem too. What problems are you solving today? #problemsolving

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