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Get your hands on this book

People are talking about a new book they say will revolutionize the way small businesses approach growth and marketing.

If you haven’t already heard, Wall Street Journal best selling author, Josh Turner, just released his new book, “The Trust Equation”, this week. 

This book will change the way you see the lead generation and sales processes. It will change the way you get leads and clients.

An instant classic.

I’ve taken a look already and Josh Turner has proven he knows what he’s doing. He’s sharing it all with you in his book.

He told me publishers aren’t happy he’s jumping the gun here – but he wants you to have a copy before it even goes to print – at no charge

Get your free copy of The Trust Equation book here.

(Just to clarify – this is not an “eBook” – this is a full length, 150+ page book. And it’s free for just a limited time.)

Note: On the link above, you’ll also find a video overview of the most important elements of the book. So before you dive in and start reading, I suggest watching the video first. 

In it, Josh does a great job of setting the stage and it will help jump start your results. 

I am super pumped Josh is letting me help get this out to the world! Honestly, it’s something that is long overdue. It’s going to be a complete game-changer for you, I’m certain of it. 

Happy Selling!!

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Lead Generation Tips

Lead Generation and Prospecting are two very important activities for any Organization. These can make or break an Enterprise. In some Organizations, it is the Marketing team that does the lead generation and passes the Marketing Qualified Leads [MQL] over to the Sales team. And sales qualifies these leads before taking it further.

And Sales also does Prospecting. From making cold calls, running a survey, conducting a customer satisfaction audit, asking for customer references, engaging existing clients to warming up prospects who had expressed interest in the past, targeting named accounts, Sales does everything to generate prospects.

Let us take a look at some ways to generate leads:

  1. LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator: You should use it extensively to research, target and find prospects.
  2. Use your website to generate leads – by implementing SEO, Website optimization, Call to Action forms, giving free Ebooks, useful and educational blogs [like this one]. Just do everything under Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.
  3. Webinar Attendees.
  4. Roadshow – visitors to your stall.
  5. Power Breakfast meeting attendees.
  6. Promotional campaign respondents.
  7. Customer referrals.
  8. Podcast Attendees.
  9. Customer Satisfaction Audits.
  10. Existing Clients.

Happy Selling!!