Startup acquisition!

I was interested in watching a particular movie on Prime video. Do you know why? The only reason was that it was about starting a business & scaling it up like crazy. Moreover, it was a true story. As usual, I checked the IMDb rating [not that I am a fan of imdb]. But I … Read more

No Anti-marketing please!

I saw a blog post on medium by a Marketplace software vendor. The post talked about the 5 top marketplace software. What? Yes. I thought the author would place their own company as the 5th alternative. But to my shock, it was listed as the first option. 🙂 The author listed the other vendors. She … Read more

Healthy Competition!

I am not sure if you had seen this tweet from Burger King that actually asks its customers to buy from McDonalds. Here it is: This is not the first time that a brand has shown some love for its competition. During Aug 2018, when swedish furniture giant IKEA entered India, online furniture retailer Urban … Read more

Why do you find Pizza Hut next to Domino’s?

We went shopping. Our son, who is 12 years old, noticed something during the trip. Once we got back home, he asked: Why Domino’s & Pizza Hut are next to each other everywhere? That’s a good observation, I told him. This is called as #NashEquilibrium named after the mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. In game … Read more

Track your competition!

Those were the days I was hungry for leads. I used to trouble my tech support guys for leads. Not a good lead source, you say. Hang on. One such day, my tech support guy said “go to xyz [name of a place]” unable to bear my pestering. Not knowing where to go, I knocked … Read more

How to differentiate yourself from your competition ?

Businesses of all sizes have competition. The sales people have to face stiff competition day in and day out. They have to counter the competition to win deals and acquire clients. What are the various things that a Sales person can do or should do during the Sales Process to differentiate themselves from the competition … Read more

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