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Match the speed of your Prospect!

I was patiently waiting at a clients place to sell a particular software, let us call “Product A”. I knew before-hand that I am likely to meet a foreigner, a Brit working in India. And I was there to solve an urgent problem. That was a UK company into oil exploration & drilling on the coasts of Chennai.

What happens when you are the last to meet a customer on a given day is he/she would have already made the decision. But there is a distinct advantage when you are not the first to meet him. While I was waiting, many thoughts were flashing through my mind. Suddenly, I saw my competitor getting out after meeting, who else but, my prospect. I normally don’t see him unless he is closing a deal. I decided to roll up my sleeves and stay put there until I get that order that day.

I was called in. He was very friendly. Immediately, he handed over the server [I was a sales guy, technically incompetent, but can do a demo] to me, asked me to go ahead with the installation and demo. I have never handled a server until then. With no-help from anywhere, I went ahead and did a great demo that day. He was convinced.

All the stages of the sales process were started and completed that day. I called up my manager, took an approval to give a discount and quoted the price. Only verbal quote. And he typed the order in front of me, signed the order, got a cheque prepared since I asked for 100% advance. Can you believe this? What’s more? I came to sell one piece of software but sold him a suite of products.

Well, I won an additional order for another product that he had almost finalized with my competitor. And I picked up that order as well after a couple of days.

Take Away:

  1. Always [ALWAYS] match the speed of the customer.
  2. Don’t stick to your process.
  3. Get the problem fixed. Before your customer pays or even decides to buy from you.
  4. Ask for the order. If you don’t, how on earth do you hope to get it?

Happy Selling!

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You can close more sales, if

We all want to close more sales. Right ? Let us understand what it takes to close more deals. First and foremost, I am sure you have heard this: Don’t rush the sales process. And don’t delay it as well. The right speed is what will determine the outcome. The speed that matches your prospect is the one that will help you land the deal. Customers would like to buy and don’t like to be sold.

You can close more sales, if

  1. You don’t rush the sales process
  2. You add more value during your interaction with your prospects
  3. You understand the prospects pain points and provide point solutions to resolve those pains
  4. You Align with your prospects
  5. You have built a good Pipeline of Opportunities
  6. You understand your competitors and have a strategy to counter them
  7. You act more like a Business Partner than like a vendor
  8. You are an Expert and an Authority in your domain
  9. You are willing to help your Prospects solve their problems
  10. You are putting effort in finding a solution that meets the growth demands of your prospects
  11. You keep up your commitments
  12. You can provide Customer References
  13. You can demonstrate your solution and prove that that is the best in the market
  14. You can highlight the value of your products or services
  15. You can offer a solution matching your prospects budgets
  16. You can eliminate the risks for your prospects
  17. You are enthusiastic, disciplined, courageous, entertaining
  18. You are willing to go that extra mile to match customer expectation
  19. You are helping your prospects save money, time and effort with your product or service
  20. You know how to smile from your heart and do.

Happy Selling !!

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Tell your Prospects to “Jump into the pool”

Not the exact phrase, I mean. Or even an equivalent phrase that means the same but replaced with your products / services, say for ex: “Get on board, Sign up soon”. No. Instead, what I am asking you to do is this: When you align with your prospects and travel with them in their buyer’s journey, you should say and do things that eventually make them want to jump into the pool and they in fact end up jumping into the pool. It is nothing but developing the prospect / lead and using closing techniques to close. No point in repeating that the pool is in fact cool and not that deep and the water is crystal clear and the pool is clean etc. If he doesn’t know swimming, you can offer to teach him swimming if he gets into the pool. Is it a Deal ?

The sale is normally a done deal before even the sales person walks into the prospect’s office. Now, buyers are anywhere between 60% and 70% of their buying journey when they call you. They would like to hear from you that their decision [assume that he is already your customer] is in fact perfect and will go places. Prospects like to hear things that re-assures their own ideas.

If you don’t match the buyer in his journey in terms of speed, accuracy and the exact stage in his buying decision process and instead if you follow your own sales process and force the prospect to sit through that process, you have lost the deal. Remember the prospect still needs your help to cross that line, though he has made up his mind. But that doesn’t mean you should restart the whole process from the beginning.

Buyers analyze deeply and evaluate options that are in front of them before getting to a conclusion. But they need someone to endorse that decision and tell them why such a product or service is the best he / she should buy, and how it is going to change their lives forever. He still expects you to say nice things about it. Of-course, with evidence. At that moment, your confidence matters. Details can come later. You may not have the contact no of your referral customer handy but that is fine. If you say confidently that such a customer is using your product / service and this is how they benefited, that is sufficient at that moment. The details can be presented to the prospect later in the form of a case study.

All things same, between two vendors, it would be the Sales person’s ability to close. Some of the phrases / questions you can / should use during this stage are:

  1. So, how soon are we starting off on this project ?
  2. Will it be a wire transfer or a credit card purchase ?
  3. What are some of the things you advise me to watch out for during the implementation / execution stage ?
  4. Who in your team is more dependable and who are the core team members that I will be working with ?
  5. What is important for you ?
  6. How can I make it a big success for you ?
  7. What will ensure our continued success ?
  8. Will you be looking at signing up AMC for 1 year or 2 years ?
  9. What are some of the things that I need to be aware of, while delivering the product / service ?
  10. What are the locations that may be difficult, in terms of adoption rates for our product / service ?
  11. Would you prefer that in matt finish or glossy finish ?
  12. I am sure this contract is in line with your expectations. Isn’t it just perfect ?
  13. Is there any question that I have yet to answer ?
  14. Is there something that still bothers you from signing up / placing the order ?
  15. The price is going up from next week. I am sure you would like to take advantage of the current price. Won’t you ?
  16. So, if I guarantee delivery within two weeks, do we have a deal here ?

Your prospects expect your help to close. There is something still in their minds that needs your assurance or re-assurance. They are reluctant to speak about those things openly but you can uncover those by asking smart questions and satisfying the prospects with your answer to those nagging little things. Give your prospects comfort, confidence, trust, safety, zero risk, long standing reputation, proof of your expertise, your willingness to walk that extra mile etc.

Happy selling. Enjoy every bit of it. The whole world runs because someone sold something to someone else somewhere. I know that’s you !!