Why do you find Pizza Hut next to Domino’s?

We went shopping. Our son, who is 12 years old, noticed something during the trip. Once we got back home, he asked: Why Domino’s & Pizza Hut are next to each other everywhere? That’s a good observation, I told him. This is called as #NashEquilibrium named after the mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. In game… Continue reading Why do you find Pizza Hut next to Domino’s?

Life Time Value [LTV] of a Customer

Are you maximizing your revenue potential with your clients? Are you extending your Customer Life Cycle? Are you able to acquire net new clients, retain them and most importantly are you able to improve your profitability? Are you engaging your clients enough to drive their buying behaviour and get their mind share? Are you able… Continue reading Life Time Value [LTV] of a Customer


Segmentation is the process of identifying customer needs, buying pattern, buying behaviour and also studying demographics. Sending mass email blast is very old-fashioned and does not produce the desired results. Hence, one needs to send targeted emails that generate interests and hence improve conversions. A campaign that uses segmenting based on past behavior, such as… Continue reading Segmentation