Mini masterclasses in Customer Service!

My recent interactions with three companies were nothing but Mini Masterclasses for free. Let me explain. The first one was a nut company. A company that sells nuts & dry fruits for a premium. The premium is to make you think that their products are of high quality. Like everyone else, I too equate high … Read more

Startup acquisition!

I was interested in watching a particular movie on Prime video. Do you know why? The only reason was that it was about starting a business & scaling it up like crazy. Moreover, it was a true story. As usual, I checked the IMDb rating [not that I am a fan of imdb]. But I … Read more

Recently funded startups

There is gloom all over. Markets are down. SaaS is down. Right? But there’s some good news. The following startups have recently raised Series A / B / C / D funding: UAE recruiting platform Ogram PayEngine Singapore based metaverse startup BUD Chainalysis Jaipur startup WoodenStreet Health-tech startup Medznmore Healthcare + BNPL startup Walnut [hellowalnut] … Read more

Empathy in Sales!

Empathy in Sales can help you build strong relationships with your clients. If there is an issue, you should ask them: “what’s going on?”, to understand. Clients do have bad days at times. But having empathy in sales will help you solve the issues for your clients. Read this story to find out how I … Read more

Problem-solving can lead to an idea!

Problem-solving can actually lead us to something bigger. That could help us come up with a great business idea! Problem-solving can potentially become a genesis for something brilliant! What problems are you facing right now? I read in a blog post by Paul Graham that Steve Wozniak wanted a computer and Apple was born. Google … Read more

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