Surround Yourself with…

That was the time I was running a recruitment consulting business. I had a small team. We were doing sourcing & recruitment of niche skills. That’s when a friend met me in a supermarket store in the neighborhood one evening. All of a sudden, he asked me: How are you making your ends meet, Kannan?”… Continue reading Surround Yourself with…

How to get 1000 likes & 100 comments?

How to get 1000 likes and 100 comments in a matter of 4 hours, on LinkedIn: Post, Some crap with a photo. Something that has no proof or no way of checking if it’s true. Cat photos, preferably GIF. Talk about stuff that’s hard to believe. Kindle emotions of people. Something that went viral few… Continue reading How to get 1000 likes & 100 comments?

How to connect with prospects on LinkedIn?

I send invites to prospects on LinkedIn to connect. Most of the time, I write a note. But I never try to sell. Do you know how will it be at the receiving end? Let’s say I received an invite from a person I don’t know. Just because I don’t know him/her, it doesn’t mean… Continue reading How to connect with prospects on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn invite template

If your LinkedIn invites are not getting accepted: Try this. You can thank me later. Hi first name last name, I saw your recent post on “xyz”. It’s inspiring. I strongly feel that it points me in the right direction. Please accept my invite. I promise, I will not “sell” you anything ever. Instead, I… Continue reading LinkedIn invite template

LinkedIn Top Voices 2020: India

LinkedIn Top Voices 2020: India is out. In case you missed it, you can view it here: In a world where people, ask you to double tap for a surprise or copy paste others’ stories or narrate stories about how they gave a job to the most deserving candidate or ask you to click… Continue reading LinkedIn Top Voices 2020: India

LinkedIn Tip: How to network!

If you want to connect with someone you don’t know, here is a tip: First follow them. They will get a notification that you followed them. They will look at your profile and if they are interested, they will follow you back. If they follow you back, you know they are interested. Now, you can… Continue reading LinkedIn Tip: How to network!

War for Talent!!

That was an Oil & Gas Engg Co., They called their employees & their families for a get together. What’s special about it, you ask. Hang on. I’ll answer that. Companies are now doing such events to build a strong sense of belonging & culture. You will find fun events for everyone in the family.… Continue reading War for Talent!!

Networking in Sales!

That was Year 1996. I had just then started selling to Corporate. Until then, I was selling to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Selling to corporate called for lot more skills than selling to entrepreneurs & small businesses. Networking skill is one of them. We didn’t have #LinkedIn then. I was hanging out where my clients… Continue reading Networking in Sales!