How to sell more by being Human!

I remember the time I met “Countrywide Financial” in Chennai for a software solution for their loan processing team. The interaction, the experience, and the subsequent proposal that the Projects Team & I put together was a learning experience in itself and the lessons learned in the process are not something they teach anywhere. During… Continue reading How to sell more by being Human!

Prime Day Sale & Big Saving Days!

I am sure you know about the upcoming Prime Day Sale & Big Saving Days. I had earlier written a post about why competitors are found next to each other or why do they have a sale around the same time. In case you missed that post, here is the link: But in this post,… Continue reading Prime Day Sale & Big Saving Days!

Transcription Assistant!

It was July 2011. A marathon EGM was held at our apartment association. We were finalizing our Bye-Laws. Unfortunately, I was in the Management Committee then. I was the scribe for the meeting. What I wrote became our Bye-Laws. Jus’ kidding. But it’s true. I wrote the minutes of meeting and drafted our Bye-Laws. Bangalore,… Continue reading Transcription Assistant!

Amazon Go

I remember the time when my ex-colleague gave a talk on BI/DW during the year 2000. He was talking about how retail companies are making use of it etc. He quoted an example: How retail outlets are placing nappies & beer bottles next to each other to see the sales soar on Friday evenings. He… Continue reading Amazon Go