Where do you find great professional advice?

Everyone goes to someone for advice. When it comes to Professional advice, normally we go to our senior colleagues or someone well respected in the Industry or a client for whom we have lot of respect & admiration. Yes or No?

Now, we get all these people at one place: LinkedIn.

I am connected with some brilliant minds.

I am spoilt for choice.

Thanks to LinkedIn & my network for being a source of inspiration.

They have probably changed the algorithm yet again to make it interesting for users.

Looks like, they don’t want you to go out of their platform and do some “work”! 🙂 Jus’ kidding!

Image by pch.vector on Freepik

While I am connected and following all the brilliant minds, I would like to add value to my network as well:

Am I currently adding any value to them?
What’s my goal on LinkedIn?

Let me think this through during the weekend and try to come up with some action items next week.

In the meantime, add your comments below.

The questions I am asking are:

How to add value on LinkedIn?
How to stand out?

Happy Selling!

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