How to launch a new product?

Do you know what companies like IBM do when they launch a new product?

Learn how to launch a new product.

In my sales career, I have had the honour of attending a number of product launches.

I watched these launches from very close quarters.

I was working for a company that was a partner of companies like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Symantec, Lotus, SCO etc.

When these companies launch a product they do it in style.

They invite all their existing customers, prospects, and other companies for their launch.

They run massive campaigns prior to the launch.

You can see them everywhere.

They become the talk of the town.

In a country like India, they launch in all the metros with a gap of a day or two between cities but they ensure that all the launches happen in a week.

They hog the limelight for a week.

In all tech related news, they will be there.

The most important thing they do prior to launch is this: Sign-up at least five customers for their product. Among them they will have at least two high profile customers.

I used to wonder how they do it, those days.

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I come to understand that they sign-up with these initial customers by throwing some extra benefits or by giving huge discounts and also getting them to agree to be a reference customer by offering value added services.

What’s more? Such customers will agree to a case study by these product companies, too. After all, who doesn’t want free publicity?

If you are looking nice with a sleek product and also get an image of a forward looking technologically advanced company, will it cause any harm? No, right?

So, that’s the deal. You get it.

When you are launching a new product, remember this.

In these times of social media,, there is a new way to launch a product.

First, you create a community.
Add value to them on a consistent basis.
Build trust.
Build followers.
Have conversations.
Create a movement.
Now, launch your product.

You will have 10% of your followers signing up on day 1.
The rest will follow.

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I will refer you to others who can do a better job than me, in case I am not a fit.

Happy Selling!

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