Learning never stops!

My childhood & schooling were all in small towns. But when I started working, I found myself in a city that was [and is] a capital of a state.

A few months into the job, I was told to get my own bike. If you are in sales, you need to have one.

And you know what happened next. I went to the bike showrooms, and compared specs & prices. As they say, I was in the “buying” process.

Finally, I went for a two-stroke petrol-engine bike. Being a mechanical engineer [only by graduation], I had to show that I knew my stuff. What do

you think? Right, isn’t it?

In my first job, I sold software. From mech to software. I was passionate about mech engineering when I studied. But then, like everybody else, I too wasted my engineering degree. You could say that.

Except that it came in handy when I was selling ERP. Or when I was handling manufacturing or engineering clients.

I was able to understand them well.

Nothing is a waste.
Whatever we learn will be helpful to us someday.
It will all fall in place and create a beautiful symphony.

The idea is to keep learning!
Learning should never stop!

What’s more?

You can’t be fired ever for learning in your free time or after office hours.

Because it’s not moonlighting!

Happy Learning!
Add more feathers to your cap!
Invest in yourself!

Happy Selling!

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