My expectations from LinkedIn!

I am sure you have seen the crying CEO’s post on LinkedIn and also the sarcastic post that followed it.

Both the posts are not a fit for LinkedIn. That’s my personal view.

I have high expectations from LinkedIn.

I see it as a place where I can get:

  1. fresh ideas for starting up
  2. leadership lessons
  3. solutions for problems in business & career
  4. tips on how to grow my business
  5. thoughts on growing my network
  6. support for anything related to career & business

Tell me, am I right to expect these?

If I was that CEO, I would have done the following:

  1. Find suitable jobs for those that I had to let go of.
  2. Provide basic financial support for at least 6 months or till they find a job.
  3. Try and help them become entrepreneurs themselves.
  4. Anything that I can do that will help them.

Let us look at things objectively!

And help each other succeed in #career & #business!

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