Questions to ask during a discovery call!

Prospecting in Sales is nothing but finding new clients for our products. How do you do that? An important step in Sales is to qualify the prospects. If we don’t qualify them [in other words if we don’t validate the fit] we will be spending time with the wrong prospects.

So, here is a sample set of questions to ask your prospects [inbound leads] during a discovery call.

1. Why do you want to buy our product?

2. What are you planning to achieve with it?

3. What are you currently using?

4. What are the problems you are facing right now?

5. How will our solution help your company?

6. What do you know about our product?

If they are not inbound leads but you found them in your search and are cold calling them then you can rephrase the above questions slightly and still qualify them.

Happy Selling!

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