Zomato buys Blinkit!

An unusual thing happened in the morning.

I was reading a newspaper online. I came across the news that Zomato is acquiring Blinkit [Grofers].

The online grocery market is crowded, I thought. So, it is natural that some mergers happen.

I [wrongly] read that Zomato is paying 4.5 Cr. What?

I was reading only the bullets.

I quickly went on to other news items.

Then I was thinking maybe the newspaper had missed a “k” in that amount. [Normally, I try to pass the blame.]

And I went back to that item after searching for it. Then, I found the k there. It said 4.5 k Cr. Maybe I didn’t notice the “k” earlier or the newspaper had corrected it only just then.

If it was 4.5 Cr, I thought, even I could have bought it.

Hmm, right now, I can buy in Blinkit, and maybe someday in the distant future, I can buy Blinkit when I make enough money for it.

If you have money to invest, where will you invest today?

Happy Weekend!

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