Gopal Sir, the best storyteller ever!

Whenever I think of storytelling, I remember Gopal Sir, our English teacher in Class IX & X at School.

He was not our teacher. But, our best friend. So, it is natural that, after class, we all surrounded him and spoke about a lot of things.

I remember his face even now. That’s because some people have a special place in our hearts. Isn’t that right?

Whenever he narrated stories, there was pin-drop silence in the class.

He took us all with him into the story. As part of the story, he used “silence”. When he started narrating, there was some surprise waiting for us.

We all loved it even though we used to get scared at first.

His style of storytelling made us visualize the story. We saw the pictures. The story was happening right in front of us.

He not only taught us English but also storytelling. We didn’t know that at that time.
He taught us to be human.
By being humble, he taught us the value of being humble.
He taught us how to be happy.

Whenever I go to my son’s school now, I remember my good old school days.

Though I tell myself that those days are not going to come back ever, my heart longs for them.

After I started studying at an Engineering college, I happened to meet Gopal Sir one day. He had not changed at all. He was happy, energetic, and enthusiastic as ever.

I thanked him for all that he had taught me.

I am sure you all have someone like that in your lives. Someone who taught you something or inspired you or helped you or guided you in your career.

Take time off this weekend, and speak to that person. Tell him or her that you value the things they did for you and thank them.

We, humans, are special. The moment someone thanks us, we may get emotional. We may even cry. But, for sure, we are going to do more of what we were thanked for. And that’s because the happiness it brings is immeasurable.

So, go and make someone happy this weekend.

Happiness & Love will come back to the same place where they started.

Happy “making others happy”!

Let’s make our world a better place!

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