Recently funded startups

There is gloom all over. Markets are down. SaaS is down. Right?

But there’s some good news.

The following startups have recently raised Series A / B / C / D funding:

  1. UAE recruiting platform Ogram
  2. PayEngine
  3. Singapore based metaverse startup BUD
  4. Chainalysis
  5. Jaipur startup WoodenStreet
  6. Health-tech startup Medznmore
  7. Healthcare + BNPL startup Walnut [hellowalnut]
  8. Health AI Startup Biofourmis
  9. Fintech app Copper
  10. Hobspace
  11. Data Quality startup Monte Carlo
  13. Fyxt
  14. Cribl
  15. Nowports
  16. Polymerize
  17. Allocate
  18. Tan90
  19. Neara
  20. Seclore
  21. 1K Kirana
  22. Celcius
  23. Nisos
  24. Minus Zero
  25. ZFW Dark Stores
  26. Streaming commerce platform Firework
  27. EV startup Blusmart
  28. Video streaming platform Laminar
  29. Tidelift
  30. People development platform Torch

Funding continues to happen. No matter what.

Things are in fact looking up.

Hiring continues to happen.

Upgrade your skills & get ready for the takeoff.

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