Life is an adventure!

Life is an adventure. I am talking about mine. But I am sure, you will fall into one of these three categories:

  1. Your life is an adventure too. Just like mine.
  2. You love adventure & want your life to be an adventure too.
  3. You don’t like adventures.

Just like how Life is an adventure, Sales is an adventure too. It’s a daring, exciting, and unusual experience. It’s risky. You may get hurt. On the other hand, if you don’t get hurt you are going to like the excitement. It is nothing like anything else.

If you like being on the move, you’ll love sales. Read this story. It gets interesting as it goes along.

Life's an adventure! Sales is an adventure too!
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When I started my first job, I didn’t have a bike. So, after a few months into my job, my manager asked me to get a bike ASAP.

I did. Soon, being the good guy that I have always been, I followed my manager’s orders.

Got the bike. Prior to that, my friend and colleague helped me learn to ride a bike after office hours. These days, you don’t find such good souls. They don’t make such good people anymore. 🙁

I got the delivery of my brand new bike. It was a Suzuki Samurai, 100 cc bike. I paid Rs. 36k for that.

Day 1. I got stuck a couple of times on the road. But still managed to reach the office in one piece.

Life rolled by. I learned the nuances quickly.

Even then, I fell down a couple of times. Got injured. I am saying that it’s a couple of times here, but in reality, it was a number of times.

I healed.

The speed with which I rode my bike cannot be explained in words.

I am an introvert, a perfectionist, a make-it-happen guy, a challenge-everything type. Going against the tide is my nature. I don’t ride the wave. But, I create waves and ride on my own waves.

So, riding the bike at top speeds was quite natural.

The bike listened to me & my orders. I had great control. Over time, I mean.

Once I went and hit an army vehicle. I was behind that vehicle. The driver of that vehicle applied the brakes all of a sudden since he encountered [!@] a speed breaker at the last minute. I had no choice but to hit him. Surely, causing damage to an army vehicle was never on my list of things to do. Trust me.

I had caused more damage to my bike than to the army vehicle.

The army officer got down & took a look at the damage. In essence, he said that they will evaluate how much it will cost to repair and let me know so that I can pay for the damage. I agreed. Did I have any choice?

He took my address. And asked me to visit them after a couple of days in their office. He gave me their address as well. He must have been a very upright officer. Don’t you think so?

Then, I completely forgot about it. Thereafter, Sales pressures, targets & weekend movies took over my life.

After a couple of weeks, one lazy Sunday morning, I got a knock on my door. Surprisingly, I found an army man standing at the door. In short, he said that the officer had asked me to visit their office and pay for the damages.

I promised. Then, I did visit and pay.

We all need reminders. Don’t we?

I have had such “beautiful” experiences in life. What do you think? 🙂

What matters most is the adventures. So that, you can talk about it later.

If you love adventures, you’ll love Sales! And vice-versa.

Most of the time, the sale happens in spite of your goof-ups. Undoubtedly, you get lucky. And at other times, your competitor gets lucky. But I think that if you show genuine interest & seriousness in solving their problems, the deal is yours. In order to make that happen, you need to act & move fast. You need to enjoy it like you would enjoy adventure sports. In reality, Sales is an adventure too. Because it has all the ingredients of an adventure.

Read this blog post to get an inside view of a salesperson’s life:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Don’t be a bystander.
  2. Just jump in and play the game. But don’t ever hit an army vehicle.
  3. Movement is all that matters. Not the end result. So, keep moving.
  4. The universe rewards those who act, move & do something. So, get rewarded.
  5. Create beautiful moments that you can be proud of later. Proud or not, I am not sure, but if you can bring smiles on people then your job is done.

Keep Rocking!

Create your own waves & ride them!

Happy Selling!

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