Start-up Story!

Three women started a business.

They hired their first employee, a woman, to handle some administrative tasks.

The first employee was handling their only asset – a spreadsheet.

After a while, she manipulated that spreadsheet for her personal benefit.

So, they sacked her.

Now, they were scared to hire anyone. Heard of an elephant leash?

With a lot of courage, they went ahead and hired another person, again a woman.

The co-founder said she had some intuition that this person was trustworthy and had ethics & values.

She did not even meet her. But met her online. The other two co-founders also met the candidate online. They hired her.

Long story short, this employee turned out to be an asset to the company. She still works with the company.

The co-founder writes that she still has not met the employee face to face. Thanks to the pandemic that struck immediately after hiring her for the remote work.

The co-founder openly writes on LinkedIn with the name & photo of their employee and expresses her gratitude. This is unheard of.

Stories like these inspire me.

When you have values, you will get people who have similar values to work with you. Those who are not aligned will be automatically rejected by the system.

The same goes true with customers as well.

Happy Selling!

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