To-Do list!

To-Do List helps us manage our pending tasks. It provides the much-needed focus. The to-Do list provides the attention the tasks deserve. Therefore, the To-Do list helps us improve our productivity and help us succeed in achieving our goals.

I use a to-do list to manage my tasks.

Many years ago, I managed my to-do list using Microsoft Outlook. It helped me in many ways. It showed me the list of pending tasks and when they were due. Once the task was accomplished, I marked it as completed and it struck off the task. I felt happy.

And in my emails, I could categorize the emails using colour codes. Some emails had some tasks for me.

I still use a to-do list but not on outlook.

I have two lists. One is a larger to-do list comprising of all that I have to do.

The other is what I have to do today. [At any cost.]

Now, I realize that that is one of the established ways to manage the tasks.

To-Do list
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You must have heard of Damon Zahariades, the lifestyle management expert who has written several time-management books. He says the above is one of the ways to manage tasks.

He talks about “The 1-3-5 rule”. What he means by that is to focus daily on one major task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks.

That is 9 tasks per day. I am not sure I can handle that many per day.

I normally concentrate on one thing at a time. But in recent years, I have learned to multitask as well. In any case, I need to enjoy what I am doing. Else, I can’t give my best.

Damon talks about the Kanban method. Create three sticky notes – To Do, Doing, Done. This method will give you utmost satisfaction as you move tasks from one list to another. You can drag and drop on your favourite To-Do tool or if you are using sticky notes [like me], create three notes and keep trashing and writing new sticky notes with titles To Do, Doing, Done.

What method do you follow to manage your tasks?
Let’s learn from each other.

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Happy learning!

Happy succeeding!

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