Love marriage & Arranged marriage!

What’s the difference between Love marriage & Arranged marriage? Let us see this and find out how it is relevant to Sales situations.

Keep that thought at the back of your mind & we will come back to that soon. Let’s now discuss some serious stuff in Sales.

After thinking deeply, I formed my ideal customer profile [ICP]. What is ICP? Those who are likely to buy from me or buy the products that I am selling.

Looking at my ICP & my list of prospects, I carefully validated them.

Then, I finalized on a narrowed list [!!] of 18,378 companies to focus on. What?

Jus’ kidding!

Having identified my ideal customers, I have to break in into those accounts now.

Difference between Love marriage & Arranged marriage!
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What steps do I take next?

  1. Cold calls over the phone
  2. Cold emails
  3. Breakfast meetings with a group of 50 customers
  4. Webinars
  5. Content marketing

Whatever be the steps I take, the no.1 thing to find out is the problem the customer is facing that necessitates my solution or product.

Once the problem is identified, I approach them and tell them that I think they have a problem.

And then I play by the ear.
Meaning, I take it forward depending on what the customer says.

Then I take follow-through actions.

I keep the customer happy.

Next time, I’ll be there before a problem strikes them.

But building trust is essential!

Coming back to marriage: In a love marriage, you fall in love before the marriage.

In arranged marriage [only Indians can understand this], you are in love after the marriage.

There are exceptions to this rule, however.

In Sales, I am in love with the customer both before and after “marriage” aka “the deal”. 🙂

Before – because, I want the deal.
After – because, there are some more deals coming up. 🙂

Some Sales situations look like love marriages and some others like arranged marriages. In any case, the relationship won’t survive without love whether it is sales or life!

Happy Selling!

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