Success mantras for Sales growth!

Success mantras are the principles that help us grow and succeed in our life, career & business. These success mantras are the ones that I learned in my entrepreneurial venture.

The following success mantras help in achieving sales growth and have a positive impact on the Salespersons or Entrepreneurs who use them. They have a positive impact on customers as well. The customers tend to have a new perception of Salespeople in general.

Let’s see a few of them before we get in-depth:

  1. Don’t let your success get to your head.
  2. Don’t ever underestimate your competition.
  3. Approach the game with a winning mindset and not with any superiority complex.

and many more. Keep reading.

To succeed as a marketer, you must be constantly focused on your goal.

Climbing the corporate ladder is a tough game in today’s competitive landscape. You have to be extremely driven, hard-working (but not overworking), strategic and smart to win.

This is an article on the 12 Success Mantras I have learned in my decade-long journey as an entrepreneur. I am confident that this will be useful for those looking to start their own businesses.

1. Don’t let the challenges pull you down:

Every successful company had faced challenges & overcome them. The size of the challenge you are facing now might be big and due to that, it might seem like failure is inevitable. But remember that every successful company also faced similar challenges. So, you are in good company. Pun unintended. Also, I couldn’t resist it.

Be aware that you will face challenges but don’t let it get to your mind and affect your judgment. Keep calm and stay focused. Successful companies do not lose sight of the goal even when the goal is almost in reach.

Successful companies:
They are single-minded and focused on their goal. Such companies learn from their past mistakes.
This is exactly how success can be achieved.

2. Don’t let your success get to your head:

If you are successful, please don’t let your success affect your psyche. Think of the time you started off and were willing to do anything to get those first few customers for your company. You will be humbled.

Whether you have a handful of clients or thousands of clients what sets you apart from the competition is the way you treat your clients. Be human always.

3. Don’t ever underestimate your competition:

Think of the Yahoo Vs Google story. Tables can change over time. If your competition is not active in the market then it is a cause for concern. Healthy competition is essential for growth.

If there is no competition who will you benchmark against? Who will you win over? How will you show you are selling a better product or service if there is no competition? How will you justify your prices?

Competition exists. You exist. Competition survives. You thrive.
Competition grows leaps & bounds. So, can you.

Learn from your competition. They teach you what they don’t teach at Harvard. Trust me.

4. Approach the game with a winning mindset but not with any superiority complex.

Just like how one successful company replaced another, it is possible for anyone to take the number one position in the market. It is just a matter of time. So, approach your game with a winning mindset and be a winner. But never acquire a superiority complex. If you do, your learning stops from that moment onwards.

5. Solve problems.

Take up one problem and solve it. That’s the advice given by experts if you want to be successful in business. We should first solve problems for our customers. If the solution involves the purchase of your products or services, then a free trial or a proof of concept needs to be offered/shown.

6. Enjoy your work!

It shows up in your work if you are enjoying it or not. If we enjoy our work, our craft becomes a masterpiece.

7. Engage with your customers.

They are humans just like us and not order-giving machines. Like us, they too have a life, have goals, likes & dislikes. And they are good at some things. Talk about those things. Get to know them. Take their help, if you think their skills can come in handy for you.

I have seen many companies using their clients or even prospects to talk in roadshows or conferences. The kind of credibility it carries is immeasurable. And your relationship only grows stronger. They will become your ambassadors or extended marketing arm.

8. Show your face.

I do this regularly. Out of sight, out of mind. Never go out of sight. Become the go-to person for your customers. What happens when you meet them regularly? They get very comfortable with you. They start discussing their problems.

You may even stumble upon some new requirements even before they themselves realize those needs. Be in regular touch.

9. Keep yourself busy always.

This one is very important. They say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. When you keep yourself busy, the universe sends you some opportunities to keep you even busier.

10. Be known for one thing in your industry.

You have to specialize and go deeper if you want to make a mark in the long run. We have plenty of generalists. What we now need is only specialists. In your industry, become the person that everybody goes to for “one particular thing”.

11. Be a constant learner!

Continuous learning is a must in today’s knowledge society. To stay in the same place, you need to keep running at a particular pace, just like people run on the treadmill in a gym. If you want to move forward, you need to improve your pace and that can be done by building newer skills.

12. Keep up your promises.

If you say you will do something, you should do it. Nobody likes those who don’t keep up their promises. On the contrary, people will like you if you keep up your promises.

If you can surprise them and delight them by doing more than what you promised, none can ever replace you. Your competitors can try harder but they cannot beat you.


I hope you find these Success Mantras very useful in your day-to-day sales situations and here’s wishing that you benefit greatly from these as much as I have benefited from them.

More power to you!

Happy Selling!

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