Website Traffic – 5 ways to get it right!

Whether you sell something online or not, it doesn’t matter. You need to attract traffic to your website. Your website is your marketing manager. Unless your customers are convinced that you are the best in business you will not be able to make your mark in the long run. Your website traffic is simply an indication of how successful you are going to be, in business.

First step is to attract customers to your website. Let’s see how to do that.

  1. If your website finds a place in the first page when someone searches for a keyword, then it means you have done something right. If not, you need to talk to me. Or you need to get your SEO in place. I am sure you have heard of that phrase before.
  2. Send some gifts to your customers and ask them to visit your website to collect or redeem that gift. It can be – an ebook, a newsletter subscription, a discount code or free items when they buy for a minimum order value etc. I leave it to your imagination. Idea is to hook them up and get them to visit your site.
  3. Run contests on your website from time to time and reward the customers. The word spreads. And you will get more visitors. You can also send emails and SMS to your customers and tell them about the contests you are running on your website.
  4. Share stories, snippets & other interesting stuff on Social media and tell them if they want to know more, they can click on the link & direct them to your website.
  5. Give advice to your customers on social media or Q & A sites like Quora. Answer their queries. Clear their doubts. Guide them. Provide your website link without hustling. Do it subtly.

If I get to know more tips & tricks, I will update this page.

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Happy Selling!

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