SaaS recommendation platforms!

Why can’t elephants use computers?

I will come to that in a bit. But before that, I must tell you about my recent experience while buying a high value product.

  • I didn’t read the reviews from other customers before buying the product.
  • I paid the price for it, quite literally & figuratively as well.
  • It wasn’t easy to return the product & get a full refund.

In spite of the roaring success of the eCommerce industry, customer service still falls short of customer expectations. Not many companies in the eCommerce space really care about their customers.

On the contrary, in the SaaS industry, customers are taken care of well due to the simple reason that they pay for the subscription every month and they can unsubscribe if they don’t like it.

In case, they have paid for a year, they can very well ask for a refund if they don’t like the product and want to unsubscribe.

Not to forget that the customer has the option of availing of a free trial period – 30 days or 14 days or 7 days.

In spite of using the trial period & getting convinced & then buying, the customer can still feel that it was not the best decision and can unsubscribe anytime. That’s the beauty of SaaS products.

If buyers want to read the reviews of other customers they can head to these review sites or recommendation platforms:

  1. G2 –
  2. Capterra –
  3. Software Advice –
  4. TrustRadius –
  5. Gartner Peer Insights –
  6. Alternative To –
  7. Slant –
  8. Product Hunt –

I think the above resources will be very helpful in evaluating SaaS tools/products that one may be considering.

Coming back, did you figure this out?

Why can’t elephants use computers?
Because they’re scared of the mouse. 🙂

Happy Reviewing!
Happy Buying!

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