Surround Yourself with…

That was the time I was running a recruitment consulting business. I had a small team. We were doing sourcing & recruitment of niche skills.

That’s when a friend met me in a supermarket store in the neighborhood one evening. All of a sudden, he asked me: How are you making your ends meet, Kannan?”

That’s outright stupid to ask anyone, much less to me.

I never complained to him beforehand of anything to make him ask such a stupid question.

People volunteer themselves. Out of nowhere, they appear. Then they try to pull you down. They cannot digest the fact that you are successful in running a business. You are doing what they themselves couldn’t do. What a pity.

Around the same time, another friend told me this: “Kannan, all our friends are very happy. You have gone to another state [Karnataka], set up your business, and are doing well. Great! One needs to have courage & you have it in you, Kannan. Hats off to you.”

See the difference.

Be with people who will uplift you. Not with someone who will bring you down.

What do you think would have been my response to that stupid question at the beginning of this post?

Here it is: I smiled. Then I said, “You should ask my clients.”

The friend who was happy for me worked in a bank then & was a trainer’s trainer in Jaycees [Junior Chamber of Commerce], Merina Chapter in Chennai, of which I was a member earlier.

Recently, I met this senior friend. I learned that he had retired from the Bank a few years back. And he is now coaching students who are aspiring to become Chartered Accountants. His students just love him. He has got several success stories with many of his students getting national ranks in the CA Entrance Exam. I am not surprised.


  1. Be with people who will uplift you.
  2. Be with people who will encourage you.
  3. Don’t lose sight of your goals, come what may.
  4. Your best shot is yet to come.
  5. Whether it’s your career/business, you will reach incredible heights if you don’t give up!
  6. Right now, enjoy the journey to its fullest.

Did you like it?

Happy Achieving!