Brands, Brand Recall, Re-branding!

Let’s see how much you know about Brands.

What’s common among these brands?

  1. BNatural
  2. HomeLites
  3. Savlon
  4. Mangaldeep
  5. Candyman
  6. Mint-o
  7. Fabelle
  8. Sunbean
  9. Farmland
  10. Sunrise

If you didn’t crack it, I am sure you will crack it with the following clue: There is some connection between the following brands and the brands mentioned above:

  1. Yippee Noodles
  2. Bingo!
  3. Kitchens of India
  4. Sunfeast
  5. Aashirwaad
  6. Fiama
  7. Vivel
  8. Classmate
  9. Shower to Shower
  10. Superia

All these brands come from a single business house. Yes, you guessed it right. All these come from the house of ITC.

ITC has interests in – FMCG, Hotels, Paperboards & Specialty Paper, Packaging, Agri Business & Information Technology.

ITC Gardenia is one of ITC’s hotels in Bangalore. I think they should have named it ITC Luxuria. The food is awesome. The ambience is so peaceful and you get fully charged in that environment. People are so good.

ITC Infotech used to be my client and their office was right next to where the ITC Gardenia Hotel is right now. It was under construction when I went for meetings at ITC Infotech.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ITC?

To me, it’s the Hotels. That’s because of the satisfying experience I have had.

That’s called the brand pull. And it conveys what the brand stands for!

Re-branding is often taken up by big conglomerates in an effort to expand their reach / convey what business they are in today.

ITC is one such brand that has gone through a metamorphosis.

Happy Branding!

Happy Selling!

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