How to get 1000 likes & 100 comments?

How to get 1000 likes and 100 comments in a matter of 4 hours, on LinkedIn:


  1. Some crap with a photo.
  2. Something that has no proof or no way of checking if it’s true.
  3. Cat photos, preferably GIF.
  4. Talk about stuff that’s hard to believe.
  5. Kindle emotions of people.
  6. Something that went viral few years ago.
  7. Controversial stuff.
  8. How you helped a needy person by hiring him/her & what he/she had to say.
  9. Your birthday party with your family. [Why not?]
  10. Pictures of some trees and call it chemistree. [You must be a wordsmith.]
  11. A photo and say ‘double click this to see the magic unfold’ or some such crap. [Double clicking automatically ‘likes’ the post.]
  12. Run a poll – asking ‘who is your role model? – Click ‘Like’ for Jeff Bezos, ‘Celebrate’ for Melon Musk, ‘Support’ for Bill Gates, ‘Love’ for Warren Buffet, ‘Insightful’ for Richard Branson, ‘Curious’ for Nobody. [Note: You are a novice & hence you don’t know how to run a poll using the poll feature. Pity. Instead, you choose to ask your readers to click Like, Celebrate, etc on your post. Moreover, poll allows only 4 answers whereas this one allows 6 answers.]

These are some of the ‘lovely’ crap I get to see on LinkedIn that makes me think if it’s a serious business network or time-pass network.

They say, “People make companies”.
People make the social network, I say.

It’s up to us, what we want to do with LinkedIn.

Those of you who think it’s a serious business network, stand up and voice your concerns, of-course by clicking the relevant buttons.

Will you?

Don’t be afraid!
I will cover you!

Happy Posting & Clicking!

Happy Selling!