Sales is tough, but…..

4:30 am. Cantonment Railway Station. What a cold winter in Bangalore it was. I sheepishly got down from the train & walked out of the station.

‘Hotel Central Park barutheera?’ [Direct translation: ‘Are you coming to Hotel Central Park?’], I asked an Auto driver. It means: ‘Can you drop me at Hotel Central Park?’.

Auto refers to a three wheeled automobile that ferries passengers just like a taxi.

He agreed to take me there. I got into the vehicle. I started shivering in cold weather. I could hear the sound made by my teeth. But I still enjoyed it. I cannot forget that morning breeze, the city waking up, the bark of dogs, milk vendors, newspaper vendors, huge trees, boulevards, flowers, flowering trees, smell of the flowers, morning walkers, joggers etc. Bangalore was beautiful [note the word, “was”]. I fell in love.

Reached the hotel. It was in Manipal centre, Dickenson road, just few meters away from MG road. Today they are called as Royal Orchid Central.

Central Park gave me a studio room. What a view. And there was a complimentary Fruit basket, Biscuits, Day’s newspaper etc. Lovely. I still had time to relax for a while. But I shouldn’t sleep for a long time as well.

I called up the reception and fixed a wake-up call. And I slept for a while.

This was when I was working in Chennai and occasionally traveled to HO for meetings. A number of times I had traveled in the morning Shatabdi Express but if the meeting was at 9 am, I took the night train.

Central Park promptly woke me up. I got up & got ready. Central Park served a fantastic complimentary buffet breakfast. I can never forget that. What a lavish breakfast it was. From baked items like bread, muffins, croissants to baked beans, fresh fruits, Idly, Vada, Sambar, Chutney, Coffee and Tea. I enjoyed the wholesome breakfast. Thanked the staff.

Then got to work.

I went to the HO. Met my boss. Attended the meeting. Lot of action points.

In the evening, did a catch-up with the gang in Bangalore office. Laughter & cheering up followed.

The occasional travel, catching up with old friends & colleagues are some of the perks in a Sales job. While Sales is a tough, high pressure, demanding & stressful job, one should learn to:

  1. Unwind
  2. Relax
  3. Recharge the batteries
  4. Get some fresh ideas &
  5. Bounce back with energy

Happy Selling!

Happy Weekend!