No Anti-marketing please!

I saw a blog post on medium by a Marketplace software vendor. The post talked about the 5 top marketplace software. What? Yes.

I thought the author would place their own company as the 5th alternative. But to my shock, it was listed as the first option. 🙂

The author listed the other vendors. She started writing about the benefits and you start thinking, Wow, she is appreciating her competition, and that’s when she interrupts your dream and says what’s wrong with that vendor. And she does that for every other vendor.

We call this Anti-marketing.

I will never ever buy this product.

One learning: We should never try to play the role of an advisor with an ulterior motive of promoting our own product. That sucks. Instead, let us drop that “Advisor” hat, roll up our sleeves and let’s fight out our competition, head-on.

What do you say? Yes/No?

Happy Selling!!

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By Kannan_Kasi

Kannan Kasi is an Entrepreneur with extensive experience in Marketing & Sales in Software Products & Software Services, CRM [Customer Relationship Management], Customer Analytics, Customer Experience, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing & Recruitment. He has thorough knowledge in his domain, has attention to detail, has a 'never say die' attitude & an indomitable spirit to succeed [come what may].

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