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It was July 2011. A marathon EGM was held at our apartment association. We were finalizing our Bye-Laws. Unfortunately, I was in the Management Committee then. I was the scribe for the meeting. What I wrote became our Bye-Laws. Jus’ kidding. But it’s true. I wrote the minutes of meeting and drafted our Bye-Laws.

Bangalore, the city I live in, is home to numerous Medical Transcription businesses. These businesses get the audio of patients’ medical records from US. They transcribe them and send it back to the clients as written documents.

It’s a major business.

I am sorry, it was.

Enter – Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant:

  • Hey Google, play my morning playlist.
  • Siri, call John.
  • Alexa, enable follow-up mode. Follow-up mode enabled. Remind me to do my laundry at 5 pm today. Ok, I will remind you at 5 pm today.

These are voice assistants.

Now, we have gone one step ahead.

We now have AI powered voice transcription assistants that will transcribe the spoken word. You can generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures etc. With Otter.

Zoom, Google Meet now have live Transcription. Otter Assistant can automatically join the Zoom meetings on your calendar, transcribe the conversations and share the notes with other participants. Makes life simple.

It is a must have tool in a Sales person’s arsenal.

Happy Selling!!

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