Upcoming Cloud Technology!! :)

Let’s assume you are a #Cloud Expert. But I bet, you haven’t heard of this at all. Even #GoogleCloud, #AWS, #DigitalOcean, #MicrosoftAzure or #AlibabaCloud don’t know about this.

What I am about to tell you, is going to blow your mind.

Put on your safety belt.

Upcoming #Techincloud:

1. Cumulus clouds

2. Contrails

3. Altostratus

4. Altocumulus

5. Stratus

6. Stratocumulus

7. Cirrocumulus

8. Cirrostratus

9. Cirrus

10. Nimbostratus

11. Cumulonimbus

See, did I not tell you, this is going to blow you away?

Have you heard of these ever before? No, right? Tell me in the comments.

Jus’ kidding.

This is 7th Grade Geography.

Don’t say that you know everything about cloud. 🙂

Get some #humour. #Laughoutloud #LOL #ROFL



By Kannan_Kasi

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