Add Value, not Tax!

Once I was pretty late into an Account. The deal was almost signed when I entered.

I couldn’t change it.

Then something happened. I did the unusual.
First, I didn’t walk away. Then, I didn’t give up.

Instead, I kept in touch. I shared some interesting anecdotes from other customers.

Over time, I became the most trusted advisor.

The customer wouldn’t buy anything without consulting me.

He called me one day & reminded me about what I had told him many months ago about how a particular solution could save them money & time. I had almost forgotten about it.

The rest is history.
I closed that deal.

I even sat for a discussion with their ISP & negotiated a good deal for them.

Implemented the solution. The customer realized ROI in no time.

It was a feather in the cap for him internally.

My learnings:

  1. Never underestimate the potential of any customer.
  2. Just because you lost a deal, it doesn’t mean you will not win any future deals.
  3. You can’t win without playing the game.
  4. If you add value, you will win. [Add value, not tax!]
  5. Show up every day, deal or no deal.
  6. Keep rocking, be energetic, smile always. They will like you if you do.

Happy Selling!

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