Re-write rules!

I had to convince my client a lot to shortlist my candidate for an interview.

The recruiter at my client organization told me that the current employer of my candidate is not a big company.

I said we aren’t looking at recruiting the company.

Finally, he agreed to give my guy a chance.

I am sure you’d have guessed by now.

Yes, my candidate was selected after the interview.

What’s more?

He accepted the offer too. Woohooo!!

I can’t believe it.

And, he joined my client as well. This is phenomenal.

Now, the unexpected happened.

The recruiter called me & asked me to hire everyone from that “not so big company”. 🙂

I was & am a Sales Guy. This is what a Sales guy can do to recruitment. 🙂

Had I not convinced the recruiter in the beginning, I wouldn’t have got the opportunity to headhunt more people.


  1. Don’t agree with your prospect always.
  2. Have conviction on your product & stand like a rock.
  3. Re-write rules.
  4. Just because something is done in a particular way it doesn’t mean it has to be done that way for the next 100 years.
  5. If something sounds stupid then go & challenge it.


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