Uncover your uniqueness!

If I were the Prime Minister of India……..

At School, during 6th Std, our English teacher asked us to write an essay that starts with that sentence.

While I don’t remember the exact things I wrote, I remember it as a love letter.

I am sure you can assume what would have gone into it.

Such things that happen early in our life shape our thoughts, dreams & everything that is yet to come. Right or Wrong?

I have carried that passion into business & life in general. All the good things started attracting me. I got sucked into it.

Passion. Fire in the belly!

When I was in recruitment business, I enjoyed dealing with people. My team & I looked out for at least one star in each candidate we worked with. And projected that to the clients. By star, I mean, some unique qualities, strengths or capabilities. It takes effort to find that. That’s exactly why we were paid high fees.

All of us have something unique in ourselves. What’s that?

Have you ever thought about this?

One thing you possess that no one else does.

You can’t hire someone else to do your push-ups for you.

So, you have to uncover your uniqueness yourself.

Take Away:

  1. Who are you really
  2. What motivates you
  3. What inspires you
  4. What are you so passionate about
  5. What comes naturally to you
  6. What are you good at
  7. What do people like in you
  8. What gives you peace
  9. What gets you fired up
  10. What gives you that adrenaline rush

Start uncovering your uniqueness!

Happy Selling!!

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