Keep hustling!

I am working out of a fish market these days. Let me explain.

This online schooling is taking a toll on me. We converted one of our bedrooms in our apartment into a studio & I work out of it. That’s where my son, who is in 7th grade, also attends his classes online using Microsoft Teams. The teachers tell them to mute their mic and also shut their video. But children wouldn’t listen. They keep hustling the whole day. From 10 am to 3 pm non-stop. No Ma’m, Yes Ma’m, We can’t see the slide Ma’m. Not to mention the answers for the questions.

Teachers ask the children to mute it. Then ask them some questions. How to answer when you are muted. Some teachers call them by name and ask them to unmute and answer. That’s better.

What I learnt from this is: Even if your prospects tell you that they aren’t looking for any product/service that you are offering, this year or this qtr, you simply ignore that and keep hustling.

Who knows when it would become a critical issue for your client. Whenever it does, they should remember you. If you are out of sight, then you will be out of mind.

Keep Hustling!

Happy Selling!!