Sales professionals are positive thinkers!

I am passionate about Sales. I truly believe that Sales is one profession that is unlike any other.

Come to think of it, all the sales folks across industry verticals share some common traits.

They are all performers. They all think they are born to win, lead, educate, help, bring about a smile, change the way anything is done, change the world.

They all generally treat people very well. They trust others. If you look closely at Salespeople, they will not discourage other salespeople.

I answer my phone with courtesy and talk with enthusiasm to the caller and answer her questions in the most polite manner even when I know that I have no use for what she is trying to sell – be it a personal loan or a credit card or a car loan. It’s a frame of mind.

Positive one at that. If you are a true sales professional you will get what I am saying. That positive frame of mind is what makes us different. Dam’n it.

We get up daily with so much positivity, energy, drive, interest, and love for what we do. Yes or No?

That’s what makes us go out in the market, do prospecting, meet clients, build relationships, build trust and finally truly help customers achieve what they want to.

No pitching. No “Sales”. No hype. No “Marketing”.

What I am good at is what I will do. And leave the rest to the professionals who are experts in the respective areas.

Does this resonate with you?

Whether you are in Sales or not, I mean directly, you are still in Sales. You are selling something to someone in your work. Right?

With that assumption, this post is dedicated to you, your hard work, your battles, your achievements, your energy levels, your enthusiasm, your goals, your killer attitude, your interests, your willingness to help others get ahead in life & whatnot.

Now you know why I love Sales.

Let me tell you a story. Week after week I was projecting a very big number from one particular account in my reports. My manager asked me not to project it. But I continued projecting it.

That was a time I wouldn’t listen to anyone. And speed did matter to me as well. Usain Bolt wasn’t known then, else I would have considered him my role model.

In this particular account, things were moving at the speed of a tortoise. But I wasn’t ready to give up.

We had a meeting with our Principals [whose products we were selling] and I continued my projections even in that meeting without naming the account since there were other competitors.

So much so that the Country Manager asked for a meeting with me and my colleagues after that session.

Obviously, when the number I quoted was far higher than the sum of all the other numbers quoted by all of them [present there] put together.

I was confident. I was asked what was my plan, how will I make it happen, how did I break up the numbers and what are the billables.

I answered them all. Our Principals promised to work with us on that account. Eventually, we won that order. It was huge. One of a kind. Record-breaking during those days.

The message I am carrying with me all these years is this: I am a successful salesperson who strongly believes in helping customers. There is no other sure-shot smart way, I can think of.

Hope I pumped up your energy levels. You have it in you. Don’t forget your past successes. There lies the recipe for your success.

Feel the raw energy in your veins. I listen to peppy music. I keep a handgrip on my table and keep pressing it from time to time.

More importantly, I keep a list of accounts on my table that I have won so far in my career starting from my first job. That inspires me a lot than anything else. Try it out for yourself and let me know.

Happy Selling!