An Interior Designer & his marketing strategies!

I met an Interior Designer and asked him what are his marketing strategies to attract new business.

He & his team take up the interior designing of apartments, villas & offices. How does he get new clients? In other words, what are his marketing strategies to attract new clients?

I also asked him how he manages his customer data.

He was my friend. And it was a casual conversation. He laughed & said, “we don’t have too much data to manage”.

But what he said after that made sense.

An Interior Designer reveals his secrets & marketing strategies to get new clients for his business!
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He said that his team does the interior designing of a flat, a villa, or office space & hand it over to the customers. We make sure that they are happy, he said. They refer customers to us & most of our business comes only through word of mouth & referral, he added.

He said, he mostly gets invited to the inauguration of the property. It is there he meets his prospective customers. Now there’s the secret sauce. Hang on for a second.

He said, if those people, that is, his customer’s friends & relatives, who come for the inaugural function, like his work, they will take his business card & call him when they have a need.

This is nothing but inbound marketing coupled with social proof, touch & feel & a non-salesy approach all put together. What more can you ask for?

He is a marketing savvy interior designer who has all the relevant marketing strategies with the right mix & proportion for his business. It is a well-oiled machinery. It will take care of itself.

He should only concentrate now on deliveries, quality, speed & customer satisfaction.

Fantastic, isn’t it?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Be where your customers are.
  2. Be non-salesy.
  3. Provide social proof.
  4. Let word of mouth spread.
  5. Provide good customer service.
  6. Create a community of happy customers.
  7. Let your customers touch & feel. Test Drive, Free Trial, Freemium, Freebies, what have you?
  8. Get referrals. Your customers do the marketing & sales for you.
  9. Pick up the phone. Meet face to face.
  10. Be friendly. After all, we don’t live to sell or do business & make money. Only.

Happy Marketing!

Happy Selling!

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