What tomorrow has in store for us?

A heavily planned week end packed with events, trips, that long pending breakfast outing that you had committed to your family, fixing up some broken things, playing with your kids, getting some sunlight, nature walk, shopping etc. Sounds too familiar, right?

There is nothing called as a perfect week end. It plays out and we play along. Just when it is Sunday night, we realise that we had missed to read that book that we bought long ago or meet that childhood friend.

Time flies so does the week end.

During the work week, the same happens. We attend to things that need our immediate attention. Also called as firefighting. 🙂 And postpone rest of the things.

We should find time to work on things that brings us happiness. When we are working on a new initiative we are super charged and our burn rate is low. We get more energy when we work on things that we love. Sounds strange but true.

Ideally, I love to work on the following things during my work week:

  1. Find new prospects.
  2. Understand problems faced by customers and solve them.
  3. Connect with people. Network.
  4. Create new content.
  5. Make it super easy for customers to deal with me.
  6. Always think of adding value in every single transaction with my customers.
  7. Create a repository of certain things that my customers will find use for. Call it Knowledge Repository.
  8. Learn new skills and apply them so that it is helpful to my customers.
  9. Create templates, worksheets, tools etc and give it to my customers so that their productivity is increased.
  10. Sign up more customers. What else can match the happiness that this brings?

How does your week end and the coming week look? Share your thoughts.

Happy weekend and a Great week ahead!!

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