Why does a Shoe Store Sales Person recommend only a particular brand during a Christmas sale?

Dr. Anil V. Pillai spoke about using Behavioural Sciences to get focused on the Customer & solve his problems. I had the privilege of attending this conference by CRM Academy Asia Founder Amit S. Chakarpani PhD.

Dr. Pillai said his friend Don Peppers, a Thought Leader in Customer Experience, Marketing & Sales was observing a Sales Person at a shoe store during a Christmas Sale.

This sales guy was recommending only American Shoes for every need – Athletic, Sports etc. Don was surprised. The store sells other brands – Nike, Reebok etc. When the sales guy took a break, he went & asked him why is he recommending only American Shoes & not the rest. Is he getting more commission or did his manager ask him to sell only this brand or is he carrying a sales quota that he wants to achieve this month, what’s the reason, he asked him.

The sales guy said – “none of those are the reasons. There is only one reason & that is: American Shoes come pre-laced whereas the other shoes don’t. I will spend 4 mins lacing up each pair & that would affect sales. Customers will walk away.”

The Store Sales guy is the Customer here.

Are you lacing up your Customer’s Shoes?

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Happy Selling!!

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