Are you reading enough?

Are you reading enough?

If you have to thrive in Sales, you should read, read and read. There are various benefits of reading – improving concentration, reducing stress, enhancing knowledge, building skills in a particular area, improving memory, improving vocabulary, etc. In general, reading is good for everyone. But it is a must for Salespeople. Let us take a look.

How will reading help in Sales?

  1. You will become a thought leader in your area of specialization.
  2. Reading will improve your selling skills.
  3. You can build more broad based skills in your area of work.
  4. It will help you to articulate well during the Sales Process.
  5. You will become a great Storyteller.
  6. Customers will consider talking to you first when they are looking for help.
  7. You will be able to take the discussion from a transactional level to another level altogether.
  8. Your personal branding will soar to greater heights.
  9. You will find newer ways to engage with your customers.
  10. It will not be an exaggeration, if I then say, Only a voracious reader will win “The Best Sales Person of the Year” award. And you will become great fun to work with!

If there is something that I would like to go back and change in my early sales days, it would be this: To read extensively and make an impact on customers and myself.

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Happy Reading!

Happy Selling!

Photo Credit: Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash