Thoughts to keep up your momentum in the new year!

  1. Start always small howsoever big the dream is.
  2. Always be helpful to your customers.
  3. Start your day early, as early as 5 am every single working day.
  4. Take up Projects but complete all those you take.
  5. Under commit. Over deliver.
  6. Always surprise your customers. Always.
  7. Have your own style in every single thing you do. Do not copy or imitate.
  8. Work on your weaknesses and make them your biggest strengths.
  9. Do Prospecting. Every single day of the year.
  10. Opportunities are everywhere. Look deep and spot them.
  11. Dress up well.
  12. Don’t use any cheap stuff. Never ever.
  13. Perspectives matter in Sales. Build up your brand.
  14. Always be active, eat good food, stay healthy, be happy, be energetic.
  15. Ask your existing customers for referrals.
  16. Try something new.
  17. Rewrite rules.
  18. Be the first to use latest technology.
  19. Be a trend setter.
  20. Stay away from any kind of distraction.