You are a Spark!

My book “You are a Spark!” is published. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

You are a Spark!

by Kannan Kasi

250 nuggets of motivation





Having spent many years in Sales & Marketing and in Recruitment, I realized that most people don’t enjoy their work. I thought if they enjoy their work or choose work that they love, they would go places. I understood the common mistakes people commit in the workplace. I decided to help these folks. So, a couple of months ago, I started writing some tips on Facebook with the title “Tips to Enjoy your Work!”. Slowly, the tips turned motivational. Then it struck me why not write a book with such nuggets that can help people reach their goals.

So, here it is. 250 nuggets of motivation to propel you into higher productivity and to help you reach your goals. A completely different perspective. Crazy Insights. If you practice these advises for 21 days, you can see a marked difference in your thoughts, outlook, vocabulary, perspectives and you will be on your way to great achievements.

Question everything. Ask why not? Tomorrow’s problems cannot be solved with yesterday’s tools or thinking. This book will help you think in a new direction.

In the book, I have said, Be Crazy, Be Stupid, Be illogical. Stick your neck out. Don’t follow the crowd. Etc. And, I have practiced what I have preached. This book is a result of such thoughts. It doesn’t follow the set norms for a book. If I inspire you to take action, right or wrong, without thinking whether you will reach your goals or not, my job is done.

I hope you enjoy reading it. I firmly believe you will be inspired to take action and achieve the desired results. At first, you may fail. Then, you will succeed, for sure.

None will tell you that you may fail at first. But that’s the route to success. Be brave. Stand out. Create history.

There is no playing it safe. You have to take risks. Remember, there is little competition for taking risks.

Every day brings new opportunities with it. Spot them. Pursue them with a dogged attitude. You are not born to take life as it comes. Live life on your own terms. Live the life of your dreams.

Here is the link to the book:

Happy achieving!!

Best Wishes,

Kannan Kasi