The traits of high-performing salespersons!

If we study the traits of high-performing salespersons, we will be able to understand that there exist many common characteristics. Not all Salespeople are born. Some are trained as well. Everything can be learned, practiced, fine-tuned, and excelled.

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Traits of high-performing salespersons:

Let’s take a look and find what are the characteristics that set the High Performing Sales Persons apart:

  1. Goal-oriented [Long-term]: Those who have set goals tend to achieve more than those that don’t have any goals.
  2. Possess Objectives [Short-term]: They take a series of smaller steps that are measurable, show progress in each step, and confidently move towards their goals.
  3. Communication: They are great communicators.
  4. They don’t give up ever. Call it Perseverance, if you will.
  5. Focus on achievements. They measure time in terms of achievements and not in seconds/minutes. What did you achieve today?
  6. They qualify customers before spending time and effort. So this is one important trait to learn. If you eliminate the customers who are not going to buy, you are getting closer to those who are going to buy. Ask tough qualifying questions. You will not regret doing this.
  7. Organizational Politics helps the High Performers. They are naturally the blue-eyed boys of the top management. If you cannot sell yourself internally how are you going to sell to your customers?
  8. Accountability: They are accountable to their Managers and to their Organization.
  9. Meet the decision-makers and work with them.
  10. They don’t leave anything to chance. No place for any ambiguity. They are on the same page with the prospects. Are you on the same page with your prospects?
  11. Question themselves, why will the customer buy and why from them. They find the answers to these questions.
  12. They are good at developing rapport.
  13. Are in control of the situation.
  14. Optimistic, enthusiastic, and flowing with energy always.
  15. Receptive to new ideas.
  16. Truly professional.
  17. Believe in having fun in the process.
  18. They need to get their adrenaline pumped up before they start working on a project.
  19. Dominate.
  20. Have an emotional appeal always.

Happy Selling!

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