Web Analytics & Data Driven Marketing

Web analytics is the process of analyzing the behaviour of website visitors. The effective use of Web analytics enables a business to attract more visitors, improve the experience of Website visitors, retain or attract new customers and increase the dollar volume each customer spends.

It is not sufficient if you just track only open rates and unsubscribe rates of your email campaigns if your goal is to improve business for your company. You should be able to track average time each visitor spends on your site, the exit rate of visitors, where visitors left your site and where they lingered, and the pages they visited after the landing page etc.

Benefits of Web Analytics includes but not limited to:

  1. Better and Robust ROI tracking – Your email drives visitors to landing pages on your Website, and your analytics tool will see your email campaign and follow the visitor throughout their visit and purchase. Then, these email campaigns can be directly associated with costs, revenue, and conversions from your visitors and you will be able to determine the ROI of each email marketing campaign with greater precision.
  2. Better email creative – Based on analysis on the positioning of links and the results you will be able to understand which positions in the body of your email are profitable and which are not.
  3. Effective targeting of prospects – Let the Web analytics reports drive your content and offers. If your products are just sitting in a prospect’s shopping cart without a “checkout”, send your prospect an email offering a coupon to incent purchase.
  4. Integration with other sources of information – you can design a special offer to those who have purchased twice in the last one year and also have referred five friends to your site.
  5. Improved diagnosis of problems – For example, an email campaign might have a great click-through rate but a poor conversion rate. Segment that campaign and look at navigation to determine why visitors were distracted or why they did not make a purchase and make a special offer to those customers.

Data Driven Marketing is performed by basing the decision on data and not on someone’s “gut feel” and the benefits of it includes:

  1. Learn how to measure and maximize the ROI of your online marketing programs and Web site
  2. Improve conversion rates
  3. Identify online revenue-enhancing opportunities

Save on the cost of customer support by improving your site design using data-driven analysis.