Landing Page Optimization

What do you do after you get traffic to your website through your email marketing campaigns. You need an attractive landing page to convert that traffic.

Most of the companies that are into online marketing don’t use Landing Page and the links are simply directed to their home page. Primarily most of them don’t realize the importance of Landing Pages and also they don’t have a tool that can help them create a landing page in minutes without any help from IT. When you have a tool that can create a landing page in simple steps such as – create, publish and track, it will be a breeze to design a landing page for every campaign. When you have web analytics tracking code, you will be able to see what these visitors did after they reached the landing page.

You can also personalize the landing page content to each target segment. You can automatically fire email triggers to Send welcome messages, confirmations, reminders, birthday wishes and other transactional messages. Having a landing page and having it attractive and customized [write this down] is very strategic to your business.

By Kannan_Kasi

Kannan Kasi is an Entrepreneur with extensive experience in Marketing & Sales in Software Products & Software Services, CRM [Customer Relationship Management], Customer Analytics, Customer Experience, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing & Recruitment. He has thorough knowledge in his domain, has attention to detail, has a 'never say die' attitude & an indomitable spirit to succeed [come what may].

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