Click Through Rate [ CTR ]

How often your email is deleted without being opened? What is the open rate? Do you measure the open rates? If you can analyze the conversion to open rates, it can help you refine your target segment further. Clients after opening your mail, are they clicking on the links that you have provided in the email? This is measured as click through rate. But still this doesn’t ensure your conversions. Clients may not convert even after clicking. They may even add your products to their shopping cart and leave your site without purchasing  anything. Sometimes, click through rates are high but the conversions aren’t. If you use web analytics with your email marketing campaigns, you will be able to analyze and find the answer for this problem. Segmentation is the key and a good web analytics tool would give you options to segment as well.

Other factors such as the content, creative design of the email message, frequency of your emails, email opt-in process itself, subject line, deliverability of your emails, working links in your message etc also affect your click through rates.