Zignalytics [formerly Gyanagni Consulting] is founded by Kannan Kasi, a seasoned Professional with many years of Sales & Marketing experience in the field of Information Technology.

Kannan Kasi started his career as a Sales Professional with Sonata Software Limited in 1993. He spent eight years at Sonata in various roles and then moved on to Singapore to work with GlobeSoft [now Emerio Corp, an NTT Communications Company]. At GlobeSoft, he was an Assistant Vice President and was responsible for Account Management of their Largest Client Hewlett Packard and was responsible to develop clients for the newly launched “Managed Services” Practice as well.

After a short stint at Singapore, he started Gyanagni Consulting Private Limited in the year 2003 in Bangalore. Gyanagni Consulting focused on providing IT Consulting Services  & IT Professional Services since inception in Aug 2003 until Dec 2014. From Jan 2015, it started providing CRM Consulting Services and to reflect what it does today, the name was changed to Zignalytics CRM Consulting Private Limited with effect from 01-Oct-2015.

Kannan Kasi is an Entrepreneur with extensive experience in Sales & Marketing, CRM [Customer Relationship Management], Customer Analytics, Social Media and Digital Marketing. He has thorough knowledge in his domain, has attention to detail & an indomitable spirit to succeed.

You can view his Linkedin Profile by clicking here: https://in.linkedin.com/in/kannankasi