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What Value do you Deliver to your Clients?

First of all, What is Value? Value is the benefit that the Customer perceives to get when they buy your Product or Service. Let us say I want to buy a membership in one of the top clubs in the city. The Value I perceive is the networking opportunity I get. But that is not [...]

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Belgium Vs Brazil, the Story of an Underdog always inspires:

First & foremost, the underdog does not have any status to be safeguarded. It has no false sense of titles or ego. It operates without any such pressures. It knows that it is fighting a top dog & hence it does its homework, ups the game, puts up a tough fight & the best foot [...]

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Why does a Shoe Store Sales Person recommend only a particular brand during a Christmas sale?

Dr. Anil V. Pillai spoke about using Behavioural Sciences to get focused on the Customer & solve his problems. I had the privilege of attending this conference by CRM Academy Asia Founder Amit S. Chakarpani PhD. Dr. Pillai said his friend Don Peppers, a Thought Leader in Customer Experience, Marketing & Sales was observing a [...]

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Everyone has Talent but it takes a Genius to find it!

During my I year in college I was sitting in the Engineering Drawing Class. I was in the last bench. Until then [that is until School Final Year], I used to be a first bencher and I am not sure when did the transformation happen. :) After teaching about "Scales", our Tutor/Lecturer gave us a [...]

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Top 8 Free Must-Read Books on Deep Learning!

https://www.kdnuggets.com/2018/04/top-free-books-deep-learning.html Happy Learning!! #freebooks #deeplearning

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What is Deep Learning?

It is a significant part of Machine Learning. And it tries to mimic human brain in a sense. There have been many failures as well as successes. Speech Recognition & Image Recognition are huge successes. It is a promising subject and opportunities are growing. It can probably predict medical problems or traffic bottlenecks on the [...]

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The 21 Best #bigdata Companies & their CEOs you can work for in 2018

Dataiku, Florian Douetteau StreamSets, Girish Pancha MemSQL, Nikita Shamgunov 1010 Data, Greg Munves Salesforce, Marc Benioff Attivio, Stephen Baker SAP, Bill McDermott Qubole, Ashish Thusoo Trifacta, Adam Wilson Zaloni, Ben Sharma Reltio, Manish Sood Microsoft, Satya Nadella Cloudera, Thomas J. Reilly Sumo Logic, Ramin Sayar Google, Sundar Pichai Looker, Frank Bien MongoDB, Dev Ittycheria Snowflake [...]

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