Many years ago, in my first job, when I met a prospect in Chennai, India, in a Quasi Government Agriculture related Organization, I had no idea of the term “aligning with the prospect” etc but I did just that without actually knowing what it is. I first met the prospect at a time when they had just finalized and released an order. I was little late on the scene. They had already decided and had issued a work order to a software company to develop an ERP system with Oracle RDBMS at the back end. My interest was in selling Oracle RDBMS license to them. But then it was going to be bundled with their ERP system and hence I had already lost it. It was a wrong lead from the market sources. But I didn’t give up. I had various other products to sell but wasn’t sure what the prospect wants. I promised to keep in touch with him on a regular basis and share information and updates from the IT industry. He welcomed the idea but cautioned me that he may not need any product. I said, “It is fine. It is my pleasure to share updates.” Those days there was no twitter, no linkedin and no facebook. But I kept posting updates to them on a regular basis, in an old fashioned way, you are right, face to face. And that worked.

I kept meeting this prospect on a regular basis and shared updates and information. I had a wealth of information and knowledge and he liked whatever I shared. He appreciated. I slowly but steadily became his trusted consultant. By now, he introduced me to two of his colleagues. And I was very useful to them as well.

Miracles do happen in Sales. I was travelling on a business trip. Those days I didn’t have a mobile phone and I used to call office from the hotel once during the day to check if there was anything urgent or important that needs my attention. Likewise, one day, I did call. To my surprise, I had a message from this client and he wanted to buy some software licenses. I returned his call from the hotel. He asked me to take care and get in touch with him when I get back to office. I did. I got that order.

Subsequently, he invited me over for another purchase decision. He remembered about another solution I had suggested long time ago. We met and discussed at length. A Proposal evolved. Negotiations happened. But the deal happened. It was a product license, consulting and implementation services order involving multi location. It was a deal of one of a kind. It was much talked about. Post sale, I helped him deal with the Internet Service Provider and solved a technical snag at the ISP’s end. He was extremely pleased. The solution went live, saved money for the client. It was a phenomenal success for them as well as for us.

If you have a value system, if you are full of positive energy at all times, if you are trustworthy, if you are knowledgeable, if you are confident, if you can help solve problems, Customers are going to love you. For sure.

And buying is an emotional decision most of the time and if you can make the customers feel that buying from you is a safe and wise decision, you are set to win.

Happy Selling!!